Cornell, Matthews or Holy - Who is right for Town -Opinion

This week we have had news that free agent Goalkeeper Remi Matthews is training with Ipswich Town and this morning the EADT believe former Northampton Goalkeeper David Cornell is still on Town's radar.

Which goalkeeper the Blues coaching staff prefer, is unknown. Either way, it would appear Town are in the market for a new goalkeeper. Where there is smoke you'll normally find a fire. (The Town season still burning?)

But which one should Town fans want between the sticks?

I thought I would dive into the available statistics over on the great site who scored . com and look at the three rumoured goalkeepers and compare those to our current Number 1, the Giant Tomas Holy, in a head to head statistical look;

Tomas Holy v Remi Matthews v David Cornell

Age: 28 26 29

Appearances: 21 33 33

Clearances: 20 42 15

Saves: 41 110 43

Clean Sheets: 9 8 13

Goals Conceded: 17 66 33

Aerial won : 71% 96% 100%

Across the board, the three players seem to be fairly even. The fact that Matthews is two years younger than Holy and three younger then Cornell, not only surprised me but also really intrigued me.

It's rare to get a goalkeeper of experience at a good age and available on a free.

However, the goals conceded column does not make for pretty reading but Bolton had issues. Most are well documented and the club are now preparing for life in League 2.

Cornell made 13 clean sheets for a League 2 promotion-winning Northampton. However, it's the aerial win rate that really impresses me. A goalkeeper that commands his area and wins 100% of everything has been rare even in the Bart years and my readers will know how much I love Bart.

However, there is one stat I have left out which must also be taken into consideration. Last season, Holy lost his place in a to and fro tug of war with Will Norris.


Reportedly because the Ipswich Town management felt Norris was more comfortable with the ball at his feet and would distribute the ball better. When you look at the statistics, Norris was in fact slightly better by 4%.

So out of Matthews, Holy and Cornell who wins this seemingly important round?

Tomas Holy v Remi Matthews v David Cornell

Pass Completion(all passes) 36% 40% 35%

Key Passes 3 1 5

(pass that leads to a shot)

Assists 2 0 0

So, Matthews has a better pass completion rate than Holy and Cornell but didn't offer the same level of key passes or assists. This could be down to a number of factors, most notably the lack of quality in the Bolton ranks. It is interesting to note Cornell's five key passes which are passes that lead to a shot.

Should the Ipswich Town coaching team want a goalkeeper who is comfortable with the ball, Matthews would appear to absolutely fit that bill.

The Verdict

Statistically, they would appear to be getting a very similar version of Tomas Holy.

Matthews, however, would offer more upside to develop and mature as a goalkeeper because of his age and career experience to date.

Cornell, on the other hand, at 29 is starting to reach the 'peak' of his career and has put together some solid years at Northampton so a move up the EFL pyramid certainly looks to be on the cards.

Tie one hand behind my back and force me to make a choice, I'd choose Matthews.

However, if it's a goalkeeper vs a new striker, I'd be more than happy with Holy, Wright and Pryzebeck our current options

*Stats from who scored. com