Instant Fan reaction to Ipswich Town's season ticket news

Hi all,

This morning, Ipswich Town finally announced their refund policy to season ticket holders for the 2019/20 season. Personally, they should have given us a refund for the whole season seeing the shambles that it turned out to be!

Joking aside – I do not honestly believe that – I think they have done well. They vary slightly depending on whether you renewed for the new season or not (the only difference being that if you did not renew and you choose option B, you claim a credit of six league games instead of five on your account).

In summary, these are the options:

  1. Donate the money to the club for use in the Academy or Community Trust. Cash vouchers of 50% up to your donation value.

  2. Pro-rata credit to the value of five or six league games that can go to match tickets, memberships or to use on a purchase of a 20/21 season ticket.

  3. Cash vouchers to use in the shop, food and beverages in the stadium or for tickets bought from the ticket office. 25% of the refund value will be added.

  4. A refund – to be paid in instalments on 1st September 2020, 1st January 2021, and 1st May 2021.

  5. 50/50 – 50% will be refunded in instalments like stated above, the other 50% will be donated to the Academy and/or Community Trust. 25% cash vouchers will also be received.

Fans have until the 22nd of July to take up their choice, where Option A will be chosen if there has been no response.

In my opinion, the club have dealt with this well. They have left plenty of choice in the hands of the fans. I have no problem with any of the choices. It protects the club if people wish to choose Option A.

Yes, Marcus Evans does have enough money to help stabilise us through these dark times, but the cash vouchers are a big incentive. You can donate to the club and it will help out a range of people, but still get some money back to use, which would be useful on a new shirt, or on food and drink on a matchday, which can help save in the long run.

On the other hand, the club has given the option for fans to receive the whole sum of the refund back. I understand the frustration to some that it will not be in one lump sum, but I understand the instalments. The club must prepare for event that every fan requests a whole refund. That is a big chunk of money leaving the club when there is not as much coming in. The instalments are a great idea, in my opinion.

Overall, I am satisfied with the response, even though it has taken them time. I will likely go for Option A.

I paid the season ticket off in one, so that money has been gone from my account for over a year now – it would not be missed. In my opinion, we are in a pandemic. I would have understood if a refund were not to be available.

However, I understand why it should be paid bak, because we have paid for something that we have not received. I am satisfied with the options, and I think the club has reacted above and beyond… for once!

Thomas Seggons