Mr Gameday- Four more years...of Woolfie

Welcome back readers,

Here is part 2 of my opening two-part blog series.

This time, I focus on the ecstatic news that we have given Luke Woolfenden a new four-year deal.

For me, as I am sure it is with many other fans, this is terrific news! The Woolf was one of our standouts last season. He should never have been sent to Swindon under Hurst, although I am sure it gave him some decent experience.

Nevertheless, to have him signed up for another four years is positive. He is young and has a bright future. He is the kind of player we need to build our team around as we set our sights on promotion back to the Championship, which, quite frankly, needs to be achieved soon – he may have signed for four years but another good season in League One for him without promotion could see high bids being received and Marcus Evans temptation to recover some losses tested further.

However, it is a massive plus and shows the dedication to keep our young stars, also demonstrated earlier in lockdown with Dobra signing a contract. Let us get Flynn signed up now, too!

I know it is looking unlikely but with… Oh, bloody hell! What is his name? He was released from his Everton contract yesterday? He was on loan with us last season, scored a couple of awesome looking free-kicks. Hang on, I will just go and ask Ancelotti...Nope, he does not know either.

Oh well, I am sure someone will tell me. I would like to see him signed up too, but only as a left midfielder or wing-back. Although, I cannot see it happening. I guess it is a chance for Edwards to finally show what he can do on the left flank, something he has not been allowed to do since Peterborough!

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay safe.


'Mr Gameday'