Mr Gameday- I love the new kit

Hello readers,

Firstly, I would like to quickly introduce myself to those who may not me. My name is Thomas Seggons, and after speaking to Martin, I see the Home Dressing Room Network as another opportunity to delve back into writing.

Those who do recognise my name, may of course know me as Mr. Gameday.

Enough about me – for my first article on this site, I thought I would share my thoughts on the new home kit.

The 2020/21 home kit

I am going, to be honest. I love the new shirt! I think it is great to return to the retro yellow badge – it is a shame it is just a one-off (although, that does not mean that I do not like the modern one.

I grew up with the red badge, it is the one I associate with the club most). I adore the Bobby Robson quote, even though it has been mocked in terms of what will be quoted on the shirt in another forty years’ time – Paul Lambert’s “I played in Germany, you know” is one of my favourite examples from what I have seen.

The Carers Trust and the Thank You NHS emblem are both a great touch to the shirt, and overall I think it will be thought of fondly over the years – even more so if we can achieve promotion (Ha, with Lambert? Another story for another day, maybe?).

I do not mind it with blue shorts, either. After all, we lifted the UEFA Cup in all blue. I think it is a great narrative to what the kit is supposed to represent this season (whenever that season shall start...).

However, I do possess a couple of negatives.

One, it is a bit like the 2017/2018 shirt in my opinion.

While the shirt sponsor and badge help to move away from past designs, it once again demonstrates Adidas’s lazy approach. I never really was a fan of moving to Adidas in 2014 because of this exact reason, and although - admittedly – we have had some good shirts the past few years, it does show the negatives to Adidas.

Secondly, and this is not so much to do with the shirt, but with the video of the reveal. The announcement of the shirt was done well, and I liked the video, apart from one major thing.

The association of club legends from forty years ago with the players we now possess, the players who led us to our lowest league position since 1953. “Mills. Chambers. Butcher.” “Mariner. Jackson. Brazil.” Beattie. Skuse. Burley.” I am sorry but no, that is not on. It is like saying ‘steak, manure sugared, steak’! The association is quite sickening, I would love to know who thought of that?

Nonetheless, on the whole, I like the kit, and am looking forward to seeing what the away kit will look like – whether it is worth buying is another question – when will we be allowed back into away grounds?

Personally, I think it will be a while, with only home fans gracing their presence in their respective teams’ stadiums.

Join me again next time for my thoughts on Luke Woolfenden signing a four (FOUR!!!) year contract – great news to start the month of July!

Thomas Seggons

'Mr. Gameday'

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