The Seggons factor- Reaction to the away kit

Afternoon all,

Just thought I would share my thoughts on Ipswich Town’s 2020/21 away kit that was announced earlier.

First things first, I love the idea and campaign behind it. Plastic is becoming more and more of a problem, and plastic waste does need to be wiped out. It is harmful to the environment, and as the video to the announcement of the kit claimed, by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. Therefore, I am completely behind the campaign, and it is good that the club are getting behind this and showing their support for the fight against plastic rubbish.

Now, the kit. I like it to look at. It is different. It has a bit of white in it – which I predicted. If you look at the kits since we adopted Adidas, it has been orange, ‘Barca style’, white, red, orange, ‘Barca style’, and now partly white with light blue. So, I am happy with how it looks. It is a very nice-looking shirt I must admit.

However, it is - once again - Adidas being lazy! This exact template has been going around on Twitter the past week. Adidas’s sluggishness is getting quite tiring now, I have to say. Why can they not produce us with something unique, like they do with the home shirts (questionable). I am beginning to yearn for Punch again now because the designs were more for the fans – we got to vote on the shirts, and some of them looked so good (00-02)! It is what it is, I guess.

Overall, I like the kit. It looks good. I love the campaign behind it, it is for a great cause and that has no disregard from me. I am just finding Adidas lazy, but I knew that is what they would be like when our partnership started in 2014.

Thomas Seggons