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Our guest today is Long Melford F.C first-team manager Jamie Bradbury.  Jamie is a young coach with a growing reputation for getting his teams playing the right way with great unity. We spoke to the Long Melford F.C manager about a number of topics;


  • Lockdown Tips. 

  • Quickfire round. 

  • Implementing a culture at a football club. 

  • The hardest thing he has found managing within the Thurlow Nunn? 

  • What he puts this season's success down to?

  • Where do they look to strengthen next season?

  • What Jamie would have done differently this season if he could?

  • How he self scouts every season?

  • Goals for the next season.

  • How does a Thurlow Nunn team prepare for the next season in terms of recruitment and budgets?

  • Where Jamie wants to be in 5 years time.

   and a whole lot more.



Our guest today is  BBC Radio Three Counties and the Non-league show host Ollie Bayliss. We spoke to Ollie about his;

  • Non-League Podcast Show.

  • His Team of the year?

  • Love for Football Manager.

  • Jersey Bulls and Stowmarket -Should they be promoted?

  • BBC Radio Three Counties Non-League Ollie Bayliss favorite non-league moment

 and a whole lot More.